It is a pleasure to see my child's desire to learn rekindled.

Our Subjects

Our fully qualified teachers and experienced professionals offer tutoring in a variety of subjects.

  • English
  • Early Literacy
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • Academic Coaching
  • ESL support
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Remedial Support
Helping Greater Toronto students meet their potential and achieve their best.

How do we get started?


We arrange a phone call to talk about your specific situation. You share your child’s learning profile and experiences as well as their academic needs.


We find a match with one of our tutors and make introductions. We then arrange a mutually convenient first session with your tutor.


Twice a year we prepare tutoring progress reports. At your request we liaise with teachers to optimise support for your child.

I’ve been there.

As a mother of four, our founder and Executive Director Angela Minaker knows what it takes to try, try and try again. Having faced hurdles in the school system with her own family, she established Tutoring Alliance to help other families like her own. She continues to devote herself to its mission with the same sensitivity, support and perseverance she needed when she was in the shoes of the parents she serves. You can feel confident knowing you and your child are in hands that care.

Angela Minaker

Executive Director

Our Tutors

Our tutors are versed in a variety of subject matters studied by students across the Greater Toronto Area. Personally vetted by the Tutoring Alliance’s Executive Director, our tutors are chosen especially because they exhibit that rare combination of real-world experience as well as a natural attentiveness to each individual child’s needs. Be it through foreign language studies or math and science, our tutors forge connections with you and your family so their impact can be deep and meaningful.

Both the tutors you have sent us have been outstanding. The easy part of tutoring is knowing your subject, they clearly excel at that. The really challenging part is figuring out the student. They have done a superb job engaging our son and keeping him motivated.
Parent of grade 9 student